Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) Rolls

10-Tune, Long-Frame Rolls

These Wurlitzer APP rolls are recut or newly arranged by top quality arrangers, perforated by PlayRite Music, boxed and labeled professionally.  All ready to ship.  $85 each plus $5 shipping, unless otherwise noted. 


Paypal to wurlitzer165@comcast.net or check to Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502.  Limited quantities!.  More information at:  wurlitzer165@comcast.net

A rare original Wurlitzer complete long-frame APP Christmas roll, recut by PlayRite for perfect play.

Great 60's tunes arranged by Andy Park to sound as if they were arranged by Wurlitzer in the late 20's.

Blues specialist Nathan Bello's arrangements of original Jimmy Blythe blues piano compositions

A terrific variety of tunes arranged by Mikey Mills