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20 Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP)

Newly Arranged Rolls and Rare Recuts

We have produced 13 terrific newly arranged and produced APP music rolls from our best and most gifted arrangers:  Andy Park, Mikey Mills, Adam Swanson, and Domingo Mancuello.  These 13 are part of the limited-edition 20 roll set.  All 20 labels are shown below, and audio samples of the music played on a restored Wurlitzer LX orchestrion are also below.

We have also chosen to recut seven rare, "ragtime era" original Wurlitzer very early rolls.  Most of these rolls are over 100 years old, very brittle, on old Wurlitzer red or yellow paper, and in rough condition.  Several are the only known copies.  Most have original labels.  The music is now preserved and can be enjoyed by others.


In recent years, we have produced 131 Wurlitzer 5-tune “changer” APP rolls in five separate subscription projects.  All have sold out.  Now, by popular request, we collaborated with  talented arrangers to produce a variety of “contemporary” or  period music that is simply some of the best new music released in decades on any major coin-op music roll platform.  The majority of these tunes have been requested by our regular customers.  You will think you are listening to a 1928 Wurlitzer arranger transported to today.  It is just fantastic!

Many regular customers have already subscribed to the project, but we have several 20-roll sets left.  They are formatted for Wurlitzer APP instruments with a six-roll changer, red-cloth leader, and wire bar end.  Do you have a long (non-changer) frame or a Wurlitzer Photoplayer?  We can swap for the proper cores and include a V-tab, D-ring leader.  MIDI Files?  We have those too.  Inquire.

The rolls are professionally perforated on quality wax-impregnated paper by Play-Rite Music Rolls, Turlock, CA, in a Wurlitzer-style box with a heavy-stock tune card.

This 20-roll set is expected to ship around the end of 2021.  Subscription price is $1,775 + $100 packaging and shipping = $1,875.    $500 deposit now secures your order after confirmation, with balance due at shipping time.  Payment by PayPal preferred (friends and family option for no fees) to email address below.  Checks and other payment methods also acceptable,  


We try to describe everything accurately, but a roll substitution or other glitch might arise. The shipping date is our best estimate and could change.  We communicate updates.

More information, questions, and detail:

Glenn Thomas; 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502;


Phone:  908 447-9724



Wurlitzer APP Project Six_Labels_page 1docx-page0001.jpg
Wurlitzer APP Project Six_Labels-page0001.jpg
By the Beautiful Sea (Arranged by Mikey Mills)
00:00 / 02:06
Ma' Blushin' Rosie (Arranged by Mikey Mills)
00:00 / 01:46
Bottle of Wine (Arranged by Andy Park)
00:00 / 02:22
North to Alaska (Arranged by Andy Park)
00:00 / 02:11
MacArthur Park (Arranged by Andy Park)
00:00 / 02:40
Simple Melody (Arranged by Mikey Mills)
00:00 / 01:41

The following sample recordings are from a restored Wurlitzer LX orchestrion equipped with a MIDI system since the actual rolls are not yet perforated.  They are representative of the type and style of the other tunes included.

Strater Shuffle (Arranged by Domingo Mancuello)
00:00 / 02:30

The following is another roll project for individual Wurlitzer APP 10-tune, long frame rolls, and seperate from the above project.

Wurlitzer Automatic Player Piano (APP) Rolls

10-Tune, Long-Frame Rolls

These Wurlitzer APP rolls are recut or newly arranged by top quality arrangers, perforated by PlayRite Music, boxed and labeled professionally.  All ready to ship.  $85 each plus $5 shipping, unless otherwise noted. 


Paypal to or check to Glenn Thomas, 165 Kildee Rd., Belle Mead, NJ 08502.  Limited quantities!.  More information at:

A rare original Wurlitzer complete long-frame APP Christmas roll, recut by PlayRite for perfect play.

Great 60's tunes arranged by Andy Park to sound as if they were arranged by Wurlitzer in the late 20's.

Blues specialist Nathan Bello's arrangements of original Jimmy Blythe blues piano compositions

A terrific variety of tunes arranged by Mikey Mills

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