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Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Rich Olsen "Lost Tunes"

The article in the Jan-Feb, 2017 AMICA Bulletin, "Wurlitzer 165 Band Organ Lost Tunes Resurrected", includes a list of 47 "lost tunes", arranged by Rich Olsen for the Wurlitzer 165 band organ.  A CD is being produced, first quarter 2017, with about one hour of these tunes recorded on the Lincoln park Wurlitzer 165 band organ.  


MIDI files of all of the 47 tunes are available in standard 165 AMI format to play on a MIDI-equipped Wurlitzer 165 organ.

Perforated rolls including most of these tunes are expected to be produced in 2017.  Further information will be posted here when available.  Meanwhile, contact Glenn Thomas at to reserve your copies..  

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